Save on the weight of your semi-trailer with the LT ALU LEG!

As a transport provider, you surely know that every kilogramme counts. Naturally, you want to make optimal use of your payload. The payload is the maximum permissible weight -/- the unladen weight. We cannot alter the maximum permissible weight, as this is legally stipulated. We can, however, influence the unladen weight with the LT ALU LEG!

The LT ALU LEG is primarily manufactured from aluminium rather than steel, making it the lightest support leg in the transport business: one set of legs weighs just 40 kg. For a semi-trailer, this amounts to an average saving of 60 – 80 kg. You can then add this weight to your load, giving you more income on each trip. If you have no additional load, your annual savings on fuel will still be significant!

Additional benefits

As well as its direct financial benefits, the LT ALU LEG has a number of other advantages:

  • Very easy to use: the LT ALU LEG is a support leg without a wind-up mechanism;
  • Time-saving: the semi-trailer can be released and ready for towing in no time at all;
  • Attractive look: pleasing on the eye;
  • Universal hole pattern: other support legs can easily be replaced;
  • Carrying capacity of 25 tonnes per set: more than sufficient for almost all types of semi-trailer.