The lightest trailer support leg


The housing, support and foot are manufactured from high-quality extruded aluminium. The lock and handle are made from stainless steel. These materials ensure that the product is corrosion-resistant.


As there is no wind-up mechanism, the LT ALU LEG will, in principle, require no maintenance.

Quick and easy to operate

Uncoupling: lift the semi-trailer using air suspension. Move out the leg by pulling out the LT ALU LEG lock. It will be locked again once it has been fully extended. You can then lower the truck until the legs make contact with the ground. Uncouple the semi-trailer and the truck is ready to roll.


schommelvoetIn most cases, the air suspension of an uncoupled semi-trailer will run empty after some time. This will cause the semi-trailer to tip backwards a little. The foot on the LT ALU LEG will easily balance out the resulting horizontal load. This will prevent any deformation of the support leg.

Two versions

The LT ALU LEG comes in two versions: standard and extended version. The difference between the two is in the length of the inner tubing. The extended version is 150 mm longer. There is a locking hole at around the 50 mm mark, which allows the LT ALU LEG to be mounted on almost any chassis type.


Both the size and position of the assembly holes are the same as for all other support leg types, which permits your current semi-trailer to easily be retrofitted with LT ALU LEGs.

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